Peter Helsham, Facility Supervisor at Martin and Robson Australia in Mackay

An asset to magnetite processing in Australia

Peter Helsham is a great asset to our Martin and Robson Australia team! Being both a mechanical and electrical fitter, he has helped us achieve significant performance improvements and cost savings.

As a qualified electrician, he quickly and expertly tackles any electrical challenges on-site, avoiding the downtime and costs associated with calling in a contractor, allowing us to get the mill up and running quickly again. An emergency call-out would usually take half a day, which is half a day too long when your customers are counting on you!

Peter’s mechanical trade has also provided a long list of valuable improvements and efficiencies at the Mackay facility, with most mechanical repairs being done in-house instead of paying expensive vendor rates.

On top of all of this, Peter has all his equipment tickets, including Forklift and Loader tickets, making him an all-star member of the Martin and Robson Australia team.

Here are some of Peter’s greatest hits from his work at our Mackay facility:

In-house design and fast installation of replacement screening plant part: With a large shipment arriving and our screening plant needing a replacement screen but with no vendor able to supply, Peter once again stepped in to save the day. He engineered and retrofitted a piano wire screen to our existing screening plant, fabricating the design locally and finishing the installation within 2 weeks.  This improvement was a huge success and has helped us to continue to deliver only the highest quality of magnetite to our customers.

Electrical and mechanical optimization of the mill: The condition and performance of our mill are vital to delivering on our promises of quality and quick delivery for our customers. Peter has been instrumental in optimizing every aspect of the mill:

  • Electrical improvements for smoother operation, reduced costs, and minimization of downtime
  • Mechanical improvements through better process flow to optimize the mill performance and to reduce downtime
  • Extending the life of the drum filter cloths by over 50%, significantly increasing plant utilization

Pedro, your achievements are many and your contribution to our team significant. On behalf of the whole Martin and Robson team, thank you! 👏

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