Blinkpan Primary School community work

Doing our bit.

As a business, we are in a position to be able to make a positive contribution to our local communities. We see this as a responsibility, and one that we are passionate about upholding.

To make sure that we provide help where it is most needed, we work with officially mandated community groups to identify opportunities for supporting the local community. Support ranges from charitable donations – for example refurbishing schools or supplying blankets for the elderly – to supporting employment within the community by working with local suppliers and hiring locally.

Martin and Robson at Blinkpan Primary School

Blinkpan Primary School

Education is something we as well as our parent group, Sturrock and Robson, care deeply about. One of the schools that we have worked with is Blinkpan Primary in Mpumalanga Province, the same area as our South African mill.

Blinkpan Primary plays a vital role in uplifting the local community as a state primary school which educates some of the most disadvantaged children in the area. As the school experienced severe funding pressures, some of the basic elements such as security and hygiene facilities had begun to deteriorate.

We wanted to help the school to provide a safe environment for their teachers to teach and pupils to learn, and therefore assisted them with various improvements around the school, such as conducting vital roof repairs, putting up new fencing, and refurbishing the school’s hygiene facilities.

The children now have a safe place to receive the education which will be so important to building solid futures for themselves and their families.

3rd Space homeless shelter

3rd Space homeless shelter

3rd Space Brisbane is a drop-in centre where homeless people find practical support, friendship and dignity. They help to find accommodation and work; manage addictions and emotional challenges; and get the right health and dental services.

We wanted to support the good work that 3rd Space does, so our Brisbane team donated TVs to help make their facility even more of a safe haven for people without a home.