Worldwide delivery

We proudly serve clients around the world, providing top-quality magnetite products and solutions to diverse industries. Our extensive network and regional expertise ensure that we can meet your needs wherever you are located. With an in-house logistics department, internationally based team, and strategically placed sites and partners, we are built to serve our clients wherever they are in the world.

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Launching our Australian operations in 2008, we are now renowned in the coal and lithium industries as the magnetite partner with the expertise to fully understand and support their operations.

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South Africa

Our story started in South Africa in 1934. Over the years we have built our reputation as the primary magnetite partner to the South African coal industry.

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Looking for magnetite in the United States? Get in touch with our team who'll be happy to assist!

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Rest of World

With our global team, sites, and strategic partners, we have the set-up to supply the specification of magnetite you need, wherever you need it.

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