Veronica Swan, Administration Manager, Martin and Robson Australia

Veronica Swan, or “V” (as she is affectionately known by those of us who work closely with her) is our Administration Manager for Martin and Robson Australia. With M&R being a 24 hour, 7 day a week magnetite supplier, she’s the person that’ll always be on hand to help you and will do so with a smile (even after hours)!

Handling customer service, quality assurance, logistics, end-of-month accounting, executive administration, and purchasing, Veronica is an integral part of the M&R team.

Here’s what Veronica’s manager, our Australian GM, Sharelle Ellen had to say about her:

Sharelle Ellen an Veronica Swan from Martin and Robson Australia, delivering TVs to the Brisbane-based Charity, 3rd Space

“I have worked with V for over 12 years. It’s very rare that you come across an individual who is self-motivated, a great team player and who adapts so well to change. No matter what task we throw at Veronica, she grabs it with both hands and runs with it. We would be lost without her. Her positive energy is infectious and she is the backbone of our organisation. Thank you V for your tireless efforts and always going above and beyond.”

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