Established 1934

Magnetite is being used all over the world, by a wide array of industries, for an ever-growing number of applications. Whether you are looking for magnetite for your coal washing plant in South Africa or construction of an offshore wind farm off the coast of the United Kingdom, we can help.

Martin and Robson is more than a broker. Using our expertise, decades of experience and global, strategic supply chain, we produce, process and connect the world with magnetite and complementary products.

How we benefit you:

You probably have many other things than magnetite to focus on. Let us take care of it – you’ll be in safe hands:

  • Our decades of experience producing and supplying magnetite means we know what we are talking about – you can count on us for reliable, expert advice and support.
  • With in-house production capacity, we can deliver to your precise specs and volumes.
  • Product quality matters. Ours is among highest in the world, giving performance you can rely on.
  • Through our global, strategic supply chain we can supply you, wherever you are in the world.
  • Our responsive, international team means we’re there for you when you need us.

Who we are

With origins in South Africa, we have worked alongside our clients, from small companies to some of the world’s biggest, to create solutions to their particular magnetite challenges since the 1930s.


What makes us special

As magnetite users, we know that you are often involved in challenging operations. We can help you find the right magnetite specification for your needs and overcome any supply challenges.

Over the last 90 years, we have become known for our flexibility and helping our customers to “make a plan”.


Our goal

We exist to become the world’s preferred producer of magnetite, using our expertise to realise the potential of an underestimated yet powerful mineral, while supporting the communities we operate in.

Products & Applications

  • Various sizing options
  • Fe content >62%
  • Magnetic content >95%
  • Density >4.6kg/cm²
  • Available bagged (1 tonne bulk bags) or in loose bulk
  • Supply options include shipping (container or bulk), road and rail
  • Range of sources including Southern Africa, Australia and South America

Maxfine Grade

96-99% – Passing 45 micron
98-100% – Passing 53 micron

Ultrafine Grade

90-95% – Passing 45 micron
95-99% – Passing 53 micron

Superfine Grade

87-89% – Passing 45 micron
92-95% – Passing 53 micron

Fine Grade

80-86% – Passing 45 micron
85-90% – Passing 53 micron

Medium Grade

60-72% – Passing 45 micron
65-75% – Passing 53 micron

Coarse Grade

10-59% – Passing 45 micron
50-60% – Passing 53 micron

Lumpy Grade

1 – 30mm

Sizing Conversion Chart

Sizing Characteristic: Particle Size analysis

Our History

Our Parent Group

Sturrock & Robson Group logo.

Sturrock and Robson is a global group of industrial companies, which has seen 4 generations of Robson family leaders at the helm. We are proud of our strong values and rich history of building long-term relationships with some of the largest companies in mining, oil and gas, and offshore wind. Through our businesses, we are working towards our vision of becoming a great company, contributing to a better world for future generations.

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